Symptom 122: Geostorm, To The Extreme

Welcome to GeoStorm, The crappiest craptastic crapfest ever crapping crapped. Also known as GeoStorm.

You may think I am being harsh. If you are, watch the movie. Seriously, don’t watch the movie and thank me. This is a film about climate change written by people who don’t truly understand what climate change is. Some movies are so bad they are good. This is so bad that it is just bad. It is a standard apocalypse action drama with needless explosives, a horrific assault on science, a plot that depends in contrivance after contrivance and a resolution that is pointless. The hook or high concept for this story is weather control satellites that if used to activate a series of storms in the correct sequence can create a world destroying global super storm known as a Geostorm. It is also kind enough to have a countdown clock which as long as we reactivate the controls before it hits zero, well, everything will be fine, to quote Doc Brown.