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Who we are:


Scott is an avid fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers. He also loves science fiction, particularly all Star Trek, Firefly, Star Wars, Black Mirror, Stranger Things and the Dune franchise.  Scott loves a good argument. Sometimes he gets carried away. Some say no one should ever get that mad at a softball umpire or yell at someone that way. Scott does not agree.

The Ragemaster  

From out of innocence the rage began when a young man saw a movie that was acclaimed despite having a repellant story. Since that day, be it film, video game, bad preview or otherwise, The Ragemaster has railed against stories and ideas that get produced from the most unoriginal, cesspool of infantile imagination that only a less than competent amoeba could conjure forth.  Lately a combination of God, his wife and work have curbed much of the rage, yet this has not extinguished the venom completely. Underneath the veneer of calm lies dormant the beast of wrath. So long as money and bad taste perpetually create filth, he will forever and anon remain among the ranks of the enraged. 

T.J. Hill - Bio coming soon


Corey Gluntz - Bio coming soon


Nick Gluntz - Bio coming soon