Symptom 123: 2012 The Worst Ending Ever

2012 - An action movie that pits mankind in a desperate race to save the world from the certain destruction that awaited us when the Mayan calendar ended. It’s the opposite of Smuckers, with a pitch like that is has to be a crap sandwich. Well it isn’t, it is worse. Calling this movie a crap sandwich insults crap sandwiches. It has all the standard go too’s in a bad apocalypse movie, horrible science, too much drama, no plot, action ramping upon action ramping and it is utterly forgettable. This week, we review a terrible movie.

***Producers Note - You’ll notice Symptom 122 is missing. This was Symptom 123 in production. Due me, Scott, being busy, it has become Symptom 122 in air date. Symptom 122: Geostorm, will be uploaded later this week. I have also corrected the error in Symptom 121, where I initially uploaded the raw and unedited/mixed cut. Apologies for the out of order airing***