Episode 74: Help! We Only Make 500 Thousand Dollars A Year

Sorry, another three week hiatus. Better than 3 months. This week’s rant is focusing on the article by The Financial Samurai which tries to make you believe that a couple living in New York City making $500K a year is nearly broke and struggling to live an average life. Spoiler, nothing about their life is average. They are living the dream and most people would considering doing dishonest or horrible things to have their life. Yes, the absurd budget makes it seem like they need every bit of their $500,000 to get by, but in the end, they aren’t even close to living check to check and this article is nonsense.


Episode 73: History's Trashcan

Somethings are better left in the past. Maybe though somethings could help make society a better place? This week I ask the question, would bringing back dueling with pistols solve some of the jackassery that goes in society?

***Disclaimer and spoiler*** - maybe it would. No, we shouldn’t do it. It is just said that we are so hideous to each other that maybe dueling is the only thing that could make people treat each other decently.

Clarification - Yes I know that Aaron Burr’s shooting of Alexander Hamilton was not considered legal in New York or New Jersey. He was charged with murder. As the Vice President he had immunity. The point is that dueling was socially acceptable and often people did not have any legal repercussions from it, if the forms were followed. See Andrew Jackson.


Episode 72: Captain Marvel and Toxic Fandom

Captain Marvel. Is it going to be a tour de force and another jewel in the MCU crown? Or is it a bomb waiting to happen because the creators have lost touch with the base? Or is it a great movie that is going to be unfairly shouted down by crying man baby toxic fans who can’t handle a lead that isn’t a white male?

Captain Marvel has brought the toxic fandom debate into the center stage again. Are fans resistant to change because they have come to identify with a character and feel protective of it, or are they resistant to change because they just don’t want to watch movies with diverse casts and political messages? Have creators lost touch? Is it all of these things? Is it none of these things?

In this Sci-Fi Malady/Quick Rants! crossover I attempt to answer these questions.

Spoiler - everyone is right and everyone is wrong.

Episode 71: It's A Fake National Emergency

President Trump has declared a national emergency along the southern border in order to fund his wall. He is somehow still maintaining Mexico is paying for it through the USMCA and admitted in his speech that he didn’t need to do this. Anytime the President can say he didn’t need to declare and emergency that should be proof enough there isn’t an emergency. This action usurps the power of Congress and was taken simply to make Trump look strong to his base. That endangers our Republic.

The truth is that the situation on the border has been getting better for years and we have a better handle on it today than we have in some time. I have linked articles below to support some of the positions i take in this rant.

I also know that I said “litigate” when referring to Congress. It should be legislate. I suck.

I know, its all fake news!!!





Episode 70: Vaccinate Your Kids

Well, oops, I took another month and a half off. Then I saw the anti vaxxer mom who wanted to know how to keep her child safe from the measles outbreak in American. There’s a sentence I should never have to say. Measles outbreak in America. Never should have happened. But then, who’d have thought the term Anti Vaxxer Mom would be a thing either. Here we are. We eliminated deadly diseases with vaccines. Then a small percentage of people decided vaccines didn’t work and now they are coming back.

Episode 69: Christmas Dragons

Nope, I didn’t go away again for months. I was asked by Thomas from Sci-Fi Malady if I was doing another war on Christmas rant last week and I said no. I really thought I wasn’t. Then I was sent a story about a woman getting a self righteous note from her neighbor that her dragon Christmas display was inappropriate and she needed to learn the true meaning of Christmas. So, that of course led to this installment of their is no war on Christmas.

Disclaimer - I was raised Baptist. I consider myself a Christian who just avoids the hypocrisy of the Church. I still think there is no war on Christmas, just people who want to celebrate secular Christmas without have Jesus jammed down their throat. It doesn’t mean you can’t make Christmas all about Jesus. Them celebrating secular Christmas doesn’t diminish your religious Christmas.

Episode 68: ABCDE - Pronounced Mom Is A Vapid Self Indulgent DumbFu#^

ABCDE. It is not just the first five letters of the alphabet anymore. It is apparently a child’s name. 328 children apparently. Scary there are that many parents who can’t think about anything but themselves.

Last week Southwest Airlines employees made fun of a five year girls name. That is terrible. What is worse is a mother who names their child ABCDE. Even worse than that is a mother who knew the pain it would cause and did it anyway, because, reasons.

Back to back weeks with a rant. World is ending. Cat’s and Dog’s living together.

Episode 67: Rudolph The Exploited Reindeer

Holy Shit, I stopped doing these in April. It has been that long since something got me angry enough to rant. Well, it happened, finally. The left is upset over Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. It’s not a joke. It is true. The far left sees this as a tale of bullying, exploitation and sexism. And this is why the far left loses. This is why Trump won the election and may win again. The left doesn’t get it, or at least the far left doesn’t and the moderate lefties don’t understand why they have to denounce these guys but they do. You lose moderate liberals and conservatives when you seriously try to convince people that Rudolph is a tale of oppression. Rudolph was progressive for its day. It told a story that said your differences are valuable and no one should be shunned because they are different. It taught kids that ostracizing hurts and that people different from them have their own intrinsic value. Sure, viewed through today’s ethical lens the special fails to send an ideal message, but the thing is, you can’t go viewing popular works of fiction, history, religion or philosophy through the lens of today, because ethics changes.

I think this marks a return to ranting. You may see the channel change names to I Have Issues because I think I am finally ready to launch a youtube channel and honestly, Quick Rants! was a working title and a semi horrible one at that. I say I think because I could get busy and say F it, I don’t have 3 hours a week to write, edit and record these things. But I think this starts the return to ranting.

Episode 66: Don't Be These People Round 3

Well, its been almost a month. This week it is another edition of Don't Be These People. This week we have people who yell their food orders, slow drivers and a special kind of captain obvious. We are all flawed. We all do annoying things. I do annoying things, many annoying things, my Facebook page attests to that. We can all help each other by pointing behaviors we should all lose. Don't be these people and make the world a little bit better. 

Episode 65: Hookergate

So, sorry to disappoint but there is nothing in this rant about someone famous being caught with a hooker. Nor is there really a Hookergate scandal going on. There is however a Massachusetts State Representative, Michelle Dubois, who is irate that the State House honors Civil War General and hero Fighting Joe Hooker with a sign over the main entrance that says "General Hooker Entrance".  It was for years called "The Hooker Entrance" because there is statue of Hooker on his horse nearby. Due to reasons you might suspect some years back they replaced the original sign that said "Hooker Entrance" with "General Hooker Entrance". 

Dubois wants the sign taken down. She asked Facebook if they were "General Hookers" which apparently is a slang insult term I have never heard. She says the entrance insults women and is tone deaf and a ploy of the patriarchy. 

Garbage. We have to start considering context again as a country. There is no intent to debase women or insult them here. The war hero's last name was Hooker. He did more for his country than almost any of us will ever do. He is vilified for losing a battle when before and after that he was an excellent soldier was wounded in action. I won't sit here and say we should take down something honoring a war hero because someone with an agenda went looking for something offensive. The "General Hooker Entrance" can only be offensive if you ignore all context and are historically ignorant. 

The other problem with this nonsense is that the next time there is something that is truly tone death that needs renamed or taken down people will push back and refuse to accede because they are afraid if they do it will lead to nonsense like this. Pick your battles people, this one is a bad one. 

Episode 64: No Mercy For The Wicked

Sometimes Quick Rants! gives you thoughtful Scott. Sometimes it's just my attempt to be comedic, like Don't Be These People or The Legend of Willy O'Dallum.  Sometimes, it is angry Scott. This week is an angry Scott rant, maybe as angry as I have been in a while. Pharma Bro, Martin Shkreli, has been sentenced to seven years in jail. 

I am not angry that he got only seven years, although I do think it was too light a sentence. I am not angry that he was convicted for securities fraud instead of trying to murder people by jacking up the price of needed medication for profit. What really has me enraged is that he had the nerve to ask the court for mercy and claim he is a good person who has a lot to offer society. Pharma Bro is the scummiest of the scum.  

Episode 63: Blessed Be Thy Gun

Gun owners, this is not a rant about guns being bad or repealing the second. It is not even about new gun laws. This is a rant about gun owners and Christians in Pennsylvania joining a cult because the cult leader was willing to bless their guns as "rods of iron" and how insane this is.  Apparently a major tenet of Christianity that I have always missed was killing your enemies and striking back with superior force. 

The media is also at fault here. Many media outlets refused to report that the "church" in question is a cult and the "Christians" in question were cultists. Why? Because cultists blessing guns does not serve the media agenda that all gun owners are crazy and Christians are all crazy right wing psychopaths hating everything that is different or does not follow their dogmatic view of the world. 

So what is this a rant about? I am not sure. It is a rant about something, media failures, people failures? I don't really know. I just hope it is entertaining. 

Next up - Pharma Bro says he has learned his lesson. Bullshit. 

Episode 62: One Giant Leap For The Patriarchy

Apparently the race to Mars is really just about men wanting to control and dominate women. I know, I thought it was about resources and exploration and adventure to. Nope. According to Marcie Bianco, its all about sexism. 

Marcie is insane. 

Yes, gender inequality is a thing. Some men still see women as objects to control and dominate. The work is not nearly done on that front. Going to Mars however, is not a stand in for sexism. It is also not the same as Columbus and Spain killing indigenous American's by the millions for gold and land, because there is no one alive on Mars. 

Expansion into the solar is 100% essential for the long term survival of humanity. It is a question of when, not if, we do it. The real question is can we learn from the errors of our past expansions and from the way we over used the resources of this planet when we expand. Essentially can the collection we of humanity learn from our collective mistakes. I think yes. 

Marcie's article can be found here. 


Episode 61: I Know What I Know

So in what is becoming a bad habit I missed last week's upload. I am going to try to get back onto a schedule of weekly uploads going forward. This week it is time to discuss confirmation bias and the inflexible rigidity of the modern American mind. How best to do this? By talking about the Sociology professor who attempted to fail a student because the professor was adamant that Australia is not a country. 

Episode 60: No I Won't Take Your ******* Survey

I don't mind giving feedback as a customer, when a business has earned that right by providing such a great experience that I feel others need to know about it. I don't mind giving feedback when a business is honestly trying to make its product better and is seeking customer engagement to fulfill that goal. I do, absolutely mind, when a company is threatening its employees if I don't complete the survey. Stop doing that business. I am your customer, don't put that on me. 

Episode 59: The Kids Aren't All Right

Tide Pods! They are what's for dinner!  

So yeah, kids are eating laundry detergent pods in an effort to impress other kids and the media is freaking out. Based on the reaction in recent days you would think every kid across America has filmed themselves eating a Tide Pod - well, they haven't, only some kids. The media, in an attempt to get mouse clicks, um, head off an epidemic of stomach pumping at local hospitals, have gone out of their way educate the nations youth on why they should never eat laundry detergent - ensuring more than ever now will, um, I mean won't even consider eating a Tide Pod. 

Kids will be kids. This too, shall pass. 

Episode 58: You Want Me To What?

Apparently most Americans are routinely risking their lives. How you ask? By pumping their own gas. Apparently, in Oregon, the idea of having to pump your own gas is terrifying. A new law was recently passed in the Beaver State letting gas stations in counties with less than 40,000 residents offer self service gas pumps, and Oregonians are crapping their collective pants. Fears range from transient attacks, to gas fires, to the inability wear skirts to work to smelling like gas.  

Seriously, this is a thing, some people in Oregon do not believe they are capable of filing up their own gas tank. I give you, Quick Rants! 58, You Want Me To What?

Episode 57: Fake News! War On Christmas

If I had the audience I someday hope to have, this one would generate the nasty emails and comments. It is Christmas time, which means someone you know is probably very upset about the war on Christmas. Yes, the war on Christmas as evidenced by City Hall not being able to put out a Nativity Scene, or schools no longer having Christmas Break or Christmas Parties or decorations, or not telling the story of the Birth of Jesus in classrooms, or even Star Bucks infamous Red Cup from a couple years ago. 

This year, the brave patriots fighting to save Christmas have a new champion as the President is saying Merry Christmas to everyone, including those who don't celebrate that particular holiday, because hey, that's the American way, adapt to our culture or get out. 

Spolier - there is no war on Christmas, those who truly believe there is are insane. 

Episode 56: Social Media Spiral

By now most of you know the story of Keaton Jones. He is the 11 year old child whose mother filmed him tearfully explaining his heartbreaking experience with bullies. What happened next was incredible as celebrities and regular people across the nation reached out to tell Keaton that they had his back.  What happened next was the spiral. Keaton's mother is possibly, (probably, almost certainly) a racist. Some rumors say Keaton may have been using racial slurs at school causing the bullying. 

The mom is taking heat. If you want to go after Kimberly Jones for her possibly racist posts on Facebook and photos with the confederate flag, a symbol many associate with racism and white nationalism, go ahead, but Keaton is 11 years old. To him, the bullying is real and the scars are real. Social media is asking why this kid gets support and not victims of racism. I say why can't we support both? Even if Keaton's mom does turn to be intolerant garbage, and even if Keaton has been influenced by her, an 11 year child can be reached and taught that racism is wrong and abhorrent. Aside from all of that childhood bullying and its psychological impact is real and can impact a person for years, even as an adult. Our personalities are formed as a child and can impact our decisions as adults. There is a national discussion on bullying going on again, and that is a good thing, even if the messenger (Kimberly Jones) may not be a good person and even if Keaton may need to have his world view widened. 

Side note - I am not in any way excusing the mother's racism, or if true, Keaton's. Nor am I saying bullying is a more serious issue than the clearly existent racism issue in America. I am saying we can solve more than one issue at a time and that an 11 year child should not be excommunicated from society because of his parents. 

Episode 55: Does My Warranty Cover Stupidity

Consumer review sites are good right? They give the consumer a voice against the power of big business. Maybe. Maybe they are also were loud blowhards who are too ignorant to know what they purchased or what the warranty actually covers go to bitch. Today I am looking at three review from angry furniture purchasers and discussing the problems inherent in consumer review sites.