Missed It March!

March is here, and in Ohio we know it is March because the temperature hit 40 degrees and everyone has busted out their shorts like its 80. For this month our theme is movies that missed it. Not just movies that missed, but movies that missed when it should have been nearly impossible to miss. We will discuss Valerian and the City of A Thousand…whatever I literally fell asleep, Pacific We’re Not Transformers Rim as well as Solo - The Film That Nearly Murdered Star Wars.

All of these films should have been can’t miss blockbusters. All of these were good films, even the one I fell asleep watching (it was late). Ragemaster might vehemently disagree on Solo but they were good films but one reason or another, all of them were box office failures. This month we discuss why these movies failed and why the should not have failed.

Missed it March - movies that were good but box office albatrosses.