Symptom 76: A Cartoonist And A Conspiracy Theorist Walk Into A Board Room

Well, usually we try to review stuff fans have heard of, or have some redeeming value, or are not a complete waste of a human beings time, or are marginally competent film or tv. This week however, we review Roswell Conspiracies, perhaps the worst thing ever created. 

It is a cartoon that in theory is about a secret alliance that protects Earth from Aliens and keeps humanity from knowing the danger it is in. It also has a division that uses the media to misdirect citizens toward fake conspiracies an UFO activity, so they don't find the real aliens. Pretty hard to mess up. In reality, this cartoon is what happens when writers think they are smart, but are not. It is what happens when the network that carries it has Street Sharks as its flagship program. It is what happens when anything that can reach a 22 minute run time, even if its filled with sexism and possible unintentional racism, gets aired because slots have to be filled. 

This week we review the worst piece of TV ever, Roswell Conspiracies.