Symptom 75: Cowabunga Dude! Lets Kick Some Fin

Sci-Fi Saturday month continues as we discuss the greatest cartoon of a generation - TMNT, and an abomination that never should have got beyond a pitch - Street Sharks. 

TMNT - the beloved greatest cartoon of my generation - doesn't quite hold up the same way Ghostbusters or Gargoyles does. And it doesn't matter. TMNT was a cartoon designed to sell toys to kids and entertain them and it has done that for the last 30 years. It may be the most long-lived and successful children cartoon ever. If the story telling doesn't hold up when I watch it as an adult - who cares, it was not supposed to. I still can enjoy a re-watch for nostalgia. 

Street Sharks - well, Ragemaster suggests you watch it. I say - don't waste the 22 minutes, or the the five. You will never get them back and you could be doing something much better, like watching grass grow or paint dry, or giving yourself a root canal without novocain.