Symptom 72: I Know Who I'm Gonna Call

We kick off Sci-Fi Saturday Mornings month with our review of The Real Ghostbusters - Scott's first favorite TV show and probably still my second favorite show ever. This cartoon amazingly holds up more than 30 years later and maybe its just my inner nerd child, but it is still enjoyable to watch as an adult of 37.  We break down three of our favorite episodes, the Boogey Man Cometh, Mr Sandman Dream Me A Dream and When Halloween Was Forever. We also get a visit from Dork Henderson for a few minutes. He just won't leave my house.  We even try to have a Scott's deep meaning segment and the Ragemaster does his thing and points out the flaws (although he admits it was a kids cartoon, so hey, it is allowed)

Next week - Gargoyles