Symptom 73: When Disney Pulled A Riker's Beard

Back in the mid 90's Disney did something it would probably never do today, it released a kids cartoon with dark story telling themes, heavily pulled from Shakespeare, that was geared toward older teens and adults. The result was amazing. It was, Gargoyles.  

Gargoyles was a smartly written cartoon run by writers who were able to exercise creative control and tell the story they wanted to tell. The combination of great writing, a 22 minute run time and 1st rate voice acting was a show that simply gets better as time goes by. 

We will discuss the awakening episodes that started the series, the two gathering episodes and the one where Puck makes Goliath believe he has travelled to a dystopian future to steal the Phoenix Gate. 

***We had a guest in studio today, one of the members had to bring their son along, so you may hear some great random drop in's by our fifth man in the room this week***

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