Episode 7: Retcon this Title

Retconning.  Necessary evil or abomination? Much debated by fans, and much maligned, retconning is sometimes necessary, and when done well, an effective story telling device. This week, Scott and the Ragemaster discuss when retconning is, in our opinion, properly used, and examples of when it has been horribly applied to gut the soul of a science fiction franchise. 

Note - please realize I reserve the right to retcon this description to address future criticism of the episode. 

Episode 4: RageMaster Hates Rogue One

In this week's podcast the Sci-Fi Malady crew discusses Rogue One, what it did well, where it failed and asks the question should the writer/director have attempted to inject some originality into the film instead of following the same old formula. This episode contains numerous spoilers, so if you have not seen the movie yet bookmark this episode and give it a listen after checking out Rogue One. 

Sci-Fi Malady Episode 3: A Golden Age of Nerdom

It's current a golden age to be a nerd. After years of all things geek being uncool, science fiction, fantasy, video games, all things once considered nerdy, are now fringe cool. In someways that is awesome.  A wider market for science fiction and fantasy products means more movies, novels and TV shows.  It has given us Game of Thrones, The Ender's Game Movie adaptation, a new Star Wars Trilogy, a new Star Trek TV show, but is has also given us AVP, AbramsTrek and countless other movies which lack any messages, substance, or in some cases a plot. 

In the Golden Age of Nerdom, movies are now made for the masses, which means more and bigger special effects and explosions, murder-killing, flash panning and fast cutting camera shots, and all types of things out of a Michael Bay wet dream.  In this weeks episode the crew laments that so much new science fiction is watered down garbage while discussing examples of past science fiction we felt was done at a high level. 

Show ending soundbite goes to The RageMaster - he is starting to earn that name. 

***A note on production. I had a latency issue with the computer while recording this.  There are a couple minutes of distortion halfway through, then it clears up, bear with it, it won't last long.  You do however, miss a good discussion of Dune and the Chronicles of Riddick, which were unfortunate casualties of this computer failing, or maybe operator failing***

Time Travel (And Terminator 3 Sucks)

Time Travel. It is one of those areas of science fiction that is either done really well or really poorly.  When done well you get a story that is entertaining, thought provoking and full of mind screwing moments.  In this week's Episode of Sci-Fi Malady the crew, sans Ragemaster, discuss when time travel is done well in science fiction and where it fails, and of course, why Terminator 3, and Salvation, are abominations against mankind.  

Corey wins the best edit of the week which is the last you hear before the show ends.