Symptom 81: Take Me Back To The Galactic Ley Line

So lets see, we have a child like engineer, an anti-hero gunslinger trying to take whatever odd job he can to make ends meet and preferably get into space and keep flying, a super powerful female character that arrives unconscious in a case after being broken out of government captivity. Our hero is going to protect said superwoman while the galactic government of the many systems tries to hunt her down.

Nope, its not Firefly - its an anime called Outlaw Star.  Did Joss Whedon steal Firefly from this?

No! Not a chance. But that doesn't stop people from seeing the similarities and saying he did. 

But stop, lets say he did get the idea for River Tam from this, and the basic setting of a used future, space western where humanity has colonized many systems and everything is a mix of English and Chinese culture and language...would that make Firefly any less amazing?

To me no. To some maybe and that is at the center of this months topic, Copy Cat August. 

Joss Whedon did not steal Firefly from this terrible anime. Sorry Ragemaster, it is horrible and largely unwatchable. Sorry Anime fans, maybe I (Scott) just don't like Anime. (Sacrilege!!! Fake Science Fiction Fan!!! Fake Nerd!!!!!)