Symptom 69: Ready Reviewer One

Modern May continues as we review both the book and film, Ready Player One. This is a fun filled nostalgia romp through 80's pop and nerd culture. And while no one will be bored by this movie ultimately it ends at being an enjoyable nostalgia trip, high level fan fiction. The messages are basic (resource scarcity, dangers of overpopulation, corporations are evil) the female characters, at least in the book, exist only as love interests of the male lead, in the movie Artemis is slightly better written but still falls short of modern day expectations. All of that said this movie/book hits the spot for aging 30 somethings that want to look back fondly on their younger years. We also discuss the controversies with the book as some see it as transphobic and many see the character Artemis as existing solely as conquest for Wade. We feel the later may have some justification but do not agree with the former that the movie is transphobic. 

Next week - the lost in Space reboot.