Symptom 64: Attack Of The Star Wars Clones

This week we review the worst movie ever made - StarCrash. Seriously it is not possible to make a worse acted, directed, written, filmed, edited or produced movie, even if you tried. The only saving grace of this movie is that actress who plays Stella Star is in a bikini half the movie. Discount Han Solo can't act, Stella Star can barely read her lines, there is a robot that is a cross between a old western sheriff and Colonel Sanders. Christopher Plummer does a lot of ACTING! and can't save the film and David Hasselhoff is at his absolute worst, so bad it should have killed his career. There is no plot, there is no point, the resolution of the story makes no sense and the special effects are horrible for 1982.  At one point the Imperial Battleship is commanded to halt the flow of time. Its so bad...its bad and somehow this piece of s$%^ took 18 months to make.