Symptom 67: We're Here To Review A Movie And Chew Bubblegum, And We're All Out Of Bubblegum

We end Sci-Fi Fondu month with the John Carpenter's classic They Live. What's better that Roddy Piper and Keith David shooting 1950's aliens, that you can only see are aliens if you are wearing cheap sunglasses with shotguns and rifles? Nothing. Nothing is better. This movie has Roddy Piper giving wrestling promos in a grocery store, amazing one liners and deep social commentary on corporate greed, Reganomics the power of the media and our own willingness to play by "their rules" in the hope for a slightly better life. 

Put your sunglasses on, obey, consume, do not question authority, stay asleep and listen to Symptom 67. 

The link to the article on class mobility discussed on the show is below: