Symptom 65: Keep Reaching For Competency JJ

Sic-Fondu month roll on as this week we tackle the Cloverfield series, specifically The Cloverfield Paradox. Now you might say that's not a cheesy movie it is just bad. Nope, it is cheesy, one of the character talks to his severed arm which is acting on its own. It is both bad and cheesy, not not mention largely poorly acted with plot holes and a storyline that stops making sense after 25 minutes.  This movie was originally known as the God Particle-wait, this movie was originally Event Horizon and the writers of the God Particle ripped off that great flick, but I digress. Originally this was a movie called the God Particle and we all think that this movie would have been better as the God Particle than with Cloverfield monsters rammed into it.