Symptom 92: Dark Matter, It's A Sci-Fi Tossed Salad

We kick off SyFy Channel Series month by reviewing Firefly meets Star Trek TNG meets SG1 meets Dune…or by it’s actual name - Dark Matter. It is a series that has some well constructed plot lines, character advancement, decent acting and is overall enjoyable if in no way original or groundbreaking. Of course that means that the show was cancelled by SyFy for the amazing reason that it was not a SyFy original. Brilliant!

Dark Matter is a mish mash of sci-fi concepts and explores the concept of nature vs nurture, leaning somewhat toward the nature argument. It manages to be not only plot driven but character driven and only really suffers from SyFy’s less than adequate budget, which is why the Imperial Palace looks like someones nice basement, but aside from that, it is a decent show. Sham SyFy for cancelling it. Shame.