Symptom 89: Hypercube - Tesseract of Death!!!

Bad CGI month, um, I mean Horror Month as we review the Canadian Indy film and cult classic Cube 2 Hypercube. What is a Hypercube? It is a four dimensional death trap where time, gravity and the law of physics are random. If that wasn’t enough the cube if full of random death traps that make jigsaw squeamish. Why? No one knows. The government and super secret hacker boogeyman Alex Trusk built for…something and are experimenting on people by killing them for…reasons. Of course one of the subjects is a sleeper agent.

Spoiler - everybody dies.

Cube 2 is a weird and wild mind bleep. If you don’t mind it actually not having a resolution or making sense, it is an amazing sci-fi, horror, suspense survival drama that even bad CGI and a mystery box JJ Abrams would be ashamed of can ruin.