Symptom 33: Mother Nature Strikes Back

This week we are discussing disaster movies, particularly Armageddon and Deep Blue Sea.  Ragemaster hates them both, Scott attempts to defend Armageddon as an action/thriller movie.  Disaster movies, or extinction level event movies tend to be excellent fast paced thrillers and do well at the box office, because they deal with high intensity human emotions. They tend to be horrible science fiction because generally the science needed to save the day is, well, less believable than if we cloned Merlin to wave a magic wand and mother nature and make her behave. There is your problem. There is no science that save Earth from  a gamma ray burst, if the core stopped spinning, we would just die, and if we didn't see an asteroid the size of Texas until is passes Mars, well, good bye civilization as we know it, but that doesn't make for a very good film so, wizardtastic!

Enjoy Symptom 33. I did some cringeworthy lingual gymnastics to try to salvage Armageddon, a pretty much universally reviled film, that I may regret later. Should just said, ah, its a guilty pleasure and ripped it.