Symptom 31: Welcome To The Machine

Well after a week off we are back. No RageMaster, but he will be back for next week, but this week Scott and Corey discuss intelligent machines and how the way they are portrayed in science fiction might not actually be realistic. 

Sci-Fi generally shows us two types of intelligent robot, an altruistic and good being, like Bishop in Aliens or Data in Star Trek, or it shows us something that is pure evil, like Ash in Alien, Data's brother Lore or SkyNet. 

The thing is good and evil behaviors are essentially driven by emotion, as are all behaviors. Our emotions are determined solely by chemicals and hormones and without these physiological reactions we could not experience them. Since a robot or sapient computer could never have a chemical or hormonal reaction it can't actually exhibit emotionally driven behavior. It could simulate emotional behavior, but it is difficult to believe that it could be emotionally driven to take either altruistic good actions or selfishly evil actions. How would an intelligent machine intelligence behave. Scott and Corey dive into this question this week on Sci-Fi Malady. 

Also, stay tuned at the end for the trailer for our upcoming new segment - Nerd Duels!