Symptom 51: R2, I Don't Think We Are In Coruscant Anymore

It is time to talk about The Last Jedi. Yes, as the Ragemaster says in the open, it is a divisive movie. Critics almost universally love it, fans seem split. Depending on which fan you talk to, either most fans love it or most fans hate it and there is no way to factually prove it as different surveys say different things. 

This week Corey, Scott and the RageMaster discuss The Last Jedi, its strengths, weaknesses and why this movie seems to be either loved or reviled.  While we disagree on many things and two of us loved the movie and one of us very much disliked it, we are agree that this movie represents an evolution of Star Wars and that Rian Johnson has taken the franchise in a new direction. Not only has Star Wars departed from its traditional mythological epic roots, all of the original trilogy character, except Leia, who will not be in Episode 9, and Chewbacca, have been killed, so the slate has been cleared for Episode 9 and beyond to tell new stories, in a new style, with a focus on new characters and new story lines.  Additionally our heroes have become human, with all the inherent flaws, instead of larger than life perfect archetypes. 

Some fans love this. Some fans of a traditionalist nature, hate it. At its core this is the nature of the divisiveness. This Star Wars is a departure from all that we have seen and sends a clear message that we are never returning to the Star Wars of our childhoods. If you are ok with this, then The Last Jedi was a great and enjoyable film hat guarantees this franchise will be around for many more years with many new tales to entertain and thrill us. If you are not ok with this new direction then The Last Jedi represents a defilement and hijacking of something you loved and treasured and hence, you revile it. 

Regardless of whether you liked or disliked The Last Jedi one thing is certain - Star Wars is here to stay and it is not going anywhere anytime soon and Rian Johnson will be the man shaping the future vision. The Last Jedi is the indicator of what is to come.