Symptom 49: Have A Holly Jolly Holy Crap What Did I Just See!

Sometimes bad TV gets green lighted by absentee and clueless network executives. Sometimes the final product is so bad you wonder who had blackmail photos on who.  And sometimes the TV show in questions is The Star Wars Christmas Special. This abomination is so bad that you can only conclude everyone involved was either high or attempting to destroy their own careers and Star Wars, or both. 

Seriously, this thing has something that looks like the Jolly Green Giant as the Pied Piper if he as the Devil, 15 minutes of non-stop Wookie speak with no subtitles, Chewie's wife making dinner in a mop bucket and Art Carney giving Chewie's Dad soft core porn as a christmas gift, which we watches in the family living room. Not to mention, Chewie's kid - who once you see his serial killer   eyes can never be unseen. 

It is the Star Wars Christmas special - it is so bad you can only laugh.