Symptom 45: Agatha - The Precog Who Wasn't And Whose Mom Is Ann Lively - Who The Bleep Is Ann Lively?

PKD Month continues on Sci-Fi Malady. This week we review The short story and film - Minority Report...or The Minority Report, depending on which version we are talking about. Minority Report is another fine example of PKD's themes of a dystopian future where technology will be abused by those in power as well as examining the subjective nature of reality. At the heart of both the short story and movie is a great ethical conundrum - how many innocents would send to jail to save a single human life? How many to wipe out murder entirely? If you are John Anderton in the movie - none. If you are John Anderson in the story - as many as needed, murder has been eliminated so pre-crime works. 

Next week - probably Blade Runner - or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - depending on if we are talking about the movie or the book. 

And no - Android's don't dream of electric sheep. Data dreams of weird 1850's railroad workers, birds, anvils and his deceased creator. Star Trek settled this PKD.  Not electric sheep, weird railroad workers and birds.