Symptom 39: It's For Your Own Good

Storytelling has multiple aspects.  One of the key aspects is world building. Some of the legends of science fiction - Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas and Frank Herbert are fantastic world builders, but they had flaws as storytellers in other areas.  In some cases taking full creative control away from a legend would have been better for the franchise (think Game of Thrones with HBO vs the books). In the case of Roddenberry his control was taken and we got Wrath of Kahn, DS9 and seasons 3-7 of TNG. We can only retroactively wish someone would have taken the dialogue writing away from Lucas and that Frank Herbert would have told that three 400 page novels setting up a two part conclusion was excessive. 

Symptom 39 discusses when legendary world builders need creative control taken away. 

Next week starts Horror Science Fiction month and we kick it off with a light spoof by reviewing Jason X. (Yes, not really sci-fi but its in spaaaaace so we say it qualifies)