Episode 71: It's A Fake National Emergency

President Trump has declared a national emergency along the southern border in order to fund his wall. He is somehow still maintaining Mexico is paying for it through the USMCA and admitted in his speech that he didn’t need to do this. Anytime the President can say he didn’t need to declare and emergency that should be proof enough there isn’t an emergency. This action usurps the power of Congress and was taken simply to make Trump look strong to his base. That endangers our Republic.

The truth is that the situation on the border has been getting better for years and we have a better handle on it today than we have in some time. I have linked articles below to support some of the positions i take in this rant.

I also know that I said “litigate” when referring to Congress. It should be legislate. I suck.

I know, its all fake news!!!