Episode Zero: A Look Ahead

Welcome to America Asunder. This podcast will be an objective discussion of the US Civil War. I will examine the causes of the war, political, social and economic impact, as well as the battlefield history and the role the war played in forming the America we live in today. 

This is episode zero and its purpose is to inform the listener what they can expect from this podcast and introduce you into my style as a podcaster. Soon to follow over the next few days and weeks will be an Episode 1 - A Lasting Impact, exploring why the US Civil War has the impact it does today in America and why 150 years later so many people are interested in it. Following will be a discussion of the causes of the war, which will probably be split into two or three episodes and an episode dedicated to the organization of civil war armies and how battles were fought. 

Hopefully you stick around as this project finally gets up and running.