Episode 15: Trump is Zaphod

Donald Trump is compared to a lot of real life people, but it maybe that fictional Zaphod Beeblebrox from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is the most accurate comparison.  Zapped is famous for being famous, massively popular, freewheeling, inexperienced and egomaniacal, sound like anyone?  To my GOP friends, remember, I have always, except this year, voted Republican.  This is humor, but feel free to call me a liberal, RINO, or just an idiot.  

Keep Our Drone

China stole a United States naval drone.  The Pentagon asked nicely for it back. The Donald, condemned China's actions as "unpresidented" on twitter before correcting his mistake and calling it unprecedented.  He then said that China could keep the drone. Many are claiming that President Elect Trump over reacted by saying to keep the drone, and that he should have should have played nice and called for America to accept our stolen property back gracefully. In today's Quick Rant, I explain why I feel China was specifically testing Trump, and why his answer was correct. 

Trump is President - So What Now?

Election day has come and passed. The Donald is President.  The polls were wrong.  In today's Quick Rant I discuss the events that led to a Trump Presidency and how this isn't the end of progressive social change in America and why it is just getting started. I apologize for the audio quality and the crackling going on that occurred during the final editing. 

The Republican Party's No Win Scenario

Donald Trump's recent comments bragging about about grabbing women by the P***y have left the GOP in a no win scenario.  Republicans cannot attempt to cover or support Trump without losing large amounts of women voters, nor can Trump win the Presidency if GOP leadership withdraws support.  Unless a miracle occurs, or women voters decide to stand by Trump despite his misogynistic statements, Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States, and the GOP can only blame itself for running a crazy, backwards, relic of a bygone age. This was only a matter of time.