Episode 19: Join Us or Die

After heavily bashing the conservative right wing recently I felt it was time to start evening things out and criticize the left. This rant deals with leftist thought policing. The progressive left in this country has a disturbing habit of attempting so silence and destroy anyone who does not agree with them. In a country that champions free speech it should be obvious why we should not be attempting to take away that right from an ideological enemy, however the dangers seem lost on the left. 

Free speech is essential to a democracy. Unfortunately that means that agents of hate and ignorant fools are allowed to pontificate and influence the masses. That is the cost of living in a democracy.  

***Production note - this rant was a production experiment using a new microphone and a new recording software. There are couple short areas of bad distortion I am less than pleased about, but I am already four days late getting this one out so, bear with me, the next one should sound amazing and I will make podcasting great again!***

Episode 18: A Choice of None

Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, used Historically Black Colleges and Universities to sell her failing idea that school choice is the way to solve the public school problems in America. Ms. DeVos is a champion of school vouchers, which allow parents to send their kids to private schools, problem is recent studies have shown actually fair worse than public schools for children transferred into them. 

Aside form the fact that the nations head educator is championing a failing idea, and has no experience as an educator on any level, her statement indicating historically black colleges and universities offered choice to African American students is absurd and demonstrates a critical misunderstanding of America pre 1960 and the social journey the country has been on since 1861. HBCU's were not a choice, they were basically the only option. So unless the choice was college vs no college, this statement is just critically flawed. 

This episode discusses the education system in America, why voucher systems don't work, and why they are not the answer to fixing the system.