Episode 4: Oh $hi*

We Have Issues returns and this month we talk about Epstein and did he or did not kill himself. If he did, did “they” do it and who is they? Spoiler, we don’t agree on these answers. We also talk some pop culture with the show “The Boys” and ask if the pendulum is about to swing back away from dark, real, gritty, serial TV and back toward lighter and episodic television. We finally end up revisiting the Eric Garner, I Can’t Breath incident since this week the officer involved was terminated from his job as an officer of the peace. We discuss the nature of the problem, potential solutions and how this seems to have been forgotten at this point.

Episode 2

We Have Issues returns and this week we discuss the mercy please of the White Nationalist who ran over protesters in Charlottesville, as well as Kareem Hunt’s latest run in with the police. We also discuss religion at length, specifically, do you have to go to church to have a relationship God. Finally, we each conclude with a short rant on something we have issues about.

Episode 1

We Have Issues is the newest podcast at RavingLunaticMedia. Produced in association with JoeBoy42 Productions, We Have Issues is a variety podcast that discusses current hot button social issues, politics, sports and pop culture. In Episode we spend a lot of time discussing gun control laws, gun violence and is it a gun problem or a problem with the individual. We finish with a brief rant from each of us on something that We Have Issues with.