Episode 11: Shut Up and Die

It is that time of year again, NBA All-Star Weekend, and this year we were treated to one of the worst ever.  No one played defense, the dunk contest was horrible, and overall the NBA All-Star Weekend was not worth watching, again. T.J. and Scott discuss ways to improve the NBA All-Star game, such as horse, or a two vs. two or one on one tournament. We also discuss Kyrie Irving saying the Earth is flat, T.J. rips Draymond Green and we discuss the impact of #FakeNews and dismissing facts because they don't support a certain point of view. 


Episode 5: Hail Dolans!

Yes, Hail Dolan's. Cheap asses no more, the Dolan's have opened up the bank vault and signed Edwin Encarnacion.  In this week's episode of Sports, Society and Spirits T.J. and Scott talk about the impact of E.E. for the Tribe, what Ohio State needs to do in order to beat Clemson, break down Cavs vs Warriors on Christmas day (Warriors blew a 14 point lead, it is what they do) and, the dreaded bane of sports talk, Browns draft. 

In the Society portion of the show, we discuss Donald Trump's public support for Israel, Obama finally growing a set and being hawkish, and ask the question, almost two months after winning the election what might Trump's foreign and domestic policy look like.  

Oh, and Scott is team Trubisky with the 1st overall pick. 

Episode 3: Michigan Still Sucks

Yep, it is 2:30, December 5th, and Michigan still sucks, even with Harbaugh.  In this week's episode T.J. and I discuss the Ohio State/Michigan game, make predictions on the college football playoff, break down why the selection committee got it right. and remind everyone not to worry that Cavs are struggling in early December.  In the final part of the show we discuss the death of Fidel Castro, Obama's participation trophy worthy noncommittal statement and the truth that Castro was a tyrannical, oppressive who killed or exiled anyone who did not think the way he did.