Episode 6: Bleeping 2016 is Over

The Indians lost game 7, The Buckeyes lost, the Browns went 1-15, Rosey looked like an amateur against a pro, Mariah Carey was a train wreck on New Years Eve. 2016 seemed to just rocket toward disaster at the end, but it is over now. In this week's episode Scott and T.J. breakdown the Buckeyes loss, where the Browns go from here, where does Rousey go with her career, and in the society portion of the show we discuss the ever evolving social media impact on our lives. 


Please note this was recorded before the Buckeye coaching staff shakeup, which we feel was an excellent move. 

Episode 5: Hail Dolans!

Yes, Hail Dolan's. Cheap asses no more, the Dolan's have opened up the bank vault and signed Edwin Encarnacion.  In this week's episode of Sports, Society and Spirits T.J. and Scott talk about the impact of E.E. for the Tribe, what Ohio State needs to do in order to beat Clemson, break down Cavs vs Warriors on Christmas day (Warriors blew a 14 point lead, it is what they do) and, the dreaded bane of sports talk, Browns draft. 

In the Society portion of the show, we discuss Donald Trump's public support for Israel, Obama finally growing a set and being hawkish, and ask the question, almost two months after winning the election what might Trump's foreign and domestic policy look like.  

Oh, and Scott is team Trubisky with the 1st overall pick. 

Episode 4: Parades Are For Winners

Cleveland Browns fans are planning a parade if the team goes 0 and 16, and Scott and T.J. think this is a horrible idea that not only insults the team, but the city.  Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey are sitting out bowl games, and it is the right decision for the player, but a terrible for the NCAA and the media which covers it. Finally, we wrap with a discussion of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton fighting on twitter, China stealing a drone, Trump calling Tawain, will Donald be a two term president and a shout out to our favorite conspiracy loving former science teacher...SCIENCE!

Episode 3: Michigan Still Sucks

Yep, it is 2:30, December 5th, and Michigan still sucks, even with Harbaugh.  In this week's episode T.J. and I discuss the Ohio State/Michigan game, make predictions on the college football playoff, break down why the selection committee got it right. and remind everyone not to worry that Cavs are struggling in early December.  In the final part of the show we discuss the death of Fidel Castro, Obama's participation trophy worthy noncommittal statement and the truth that Castro was a tyrannical, oppressive who killed or exiled anyone who did not think the way he did.  

Sports, Society and Spirits - Episode 2: The Browns Still Suck in Trump's America

In episode two of Sports, Society and Spirits T.J. and Scott discuss the Ohio State Buckeyes' playoff chances including a breakdown of The Game upcoming against that unmentionable school up north Saturday. Episode two also touches on the abomination that is the Cleveland Browns as well as touching on the election of Donald Trump and what this does and does not say about the state of America's society.  Scott may or may not rant on Hadrian's Wall for just a few minutes longer than he should, blame T.J. for comparing America to Rome.


***There are some audio issues in the back part of this recording that I was unable to eliminate with editing. I am uncertain what is causing this and hope to have this resolved before any more podcast streams are recorded. My apologies, it will be resolved as soon as I isolate the cause. ***