CLE Hot Take Central: Everybody Panic!

Well according to NBA writers and talking heads there is an NBA arms race going on and LeBron is leaving Cleveland. Right, and Anna Kournikova is naked waiting for me in my bed. Neither is true. Despite all the free agent signings the Cavs are still the best team by far in the east and the Warriors are going to destroy the west. Nothing has changed. As far as LeBron watch 2018 - wake me when there is any evidence at all that he is thinking of opting out and testing the open free agent market. Until then, its all clickbait. 

The NBA and those who cover it don't want you to realize that everything leading up to the finals is 100% irrelevant right now in the NBA. There is no reason to watch the regular season or the playoffs until the finals, because in the end it will be Cavs Warriors again, for the fourth straight year. 

Also aware that Love and Kyrie are signed through 2020, mistakenly said 2019