Episode 19: It's a Clown Show


***I apologize for the low volume levels for TJ. I did not realize I had a faulty mic cord until about 40 minutes in - this will be fixed for the next episode***

Oh Browns, will you ever stop Brownsing? Coaches emailing that they are unhappy with the front office, trades not being filed in time, 1-23 over the last two years, it truly has never looked worse from a fan's perspective. 

The Buckeyes however, are playing their best football since the national championship run and have battled back into the college football playoff picture. JT Barrett has made himself a Heisman Trophy candidate.  Everything the Browns are not, the Buckeyes are.

In this episode TJ and I discuss a game for the ages form Saturday and just how far the Browns have fallen. 

Also, TJ does not like Baker Mayfield.