CLE Hot Take Central: Everybody Panic!

After the Browns terrible 0-4 start to the year I having loading up and firing the Hot Take Cannon on twitter and in last weeks episode of Sports, Society and Spirits and slowly sinking into a state that most devoted Browns know as - the regular season.  Thankfully Bob Evans stopped by to attempt to calm me down and talk me off the proverbial fan ledge. It didn't work, I still think the franchise is a disaster and at won't see .500 until next decade but maybe if you need a pick me up Bob's rationality can help you get through to at least the bye week. 

The show isn't all negative though, we spend a good deal of time discussing the Cavs and their revamped lineup and why this team might just be better than it was last year and Bob breaks down why he thinks the Indians get the job done this year and win the World Series. 

Grab a piece of pie and enjoy CLE Hot Take Central: Everybody Panic

Yeah, I forgot I already used this title. I plagiarized myself. Creative fail.