Episode 22: Lawyer And A Baseball Nerd

Ohio State has once again defeated that team up north and now is headed to the Big 10 Title Game this weekend against Wisconsin. Ohio State is hoping to throw the committee into chaos by beating the Badgers and making the committee choose which of college footballs biggest brands watches at home from their couch. 

We also discuss LeBron James ejection and the Cavs nine game win streak, as well as Derrick Rose's absence from the team and potential retirement. 

Finally, starting around 55 minutes in, we discuss the Browns, progress being made and why Bob Evans is probably right and the baseball nerd and lawyer have laid down a solid foundation for this rebuild and that they should get at least one more year to turn this thing around.


Episode 20: The Seventh Circle of Hell

It's a bad time to be a Cleveland sports fan. The Cavs can't play defense against a high school team, the Indians imploded in the playoffs, the Buckeyes lost to Iowa ending their national championship hopes and the Browns are well, terrible and that's the nicest word I could think of. This week TJ and Scott discuss the Cleveland sports landscape and why its not as bad as it might seem, with the exception of the Browns, that is worse than you think it is. 

Episode 19: It's a Clown Show


***I apologize for the low volume levels for TJ. I did not realize I had a faulty mic cord until about 40 minutes in - this will be fixed for the next episode***

Oh Browns, will you ever stop Brownsing? Coaches emailing that they are unhappy with the front office, trades not being filed in time, 1-23 over the last two years, it truly has never looked worse from a fan's perspective. 

The Buckeyes however, are playing their best football since the national championship run and have battled back into the college football playoff picture. JT Barrett has made himself a Heisman Trophy candidate.  Everything the Browns are not, the Buckeyes are.

In this episode TJ and I discuss a game for the ages form Saturday and just how far the Browns have fallen. 

Also, TJ does not like Baker Mayfield. 

CLE Hot Take Central: Everybody Panic!

After the Browns terrible 0-4 start to the year I having loading up and firing the Hot Take Cannon on twitter and in last weeks episode of Sports, Society and Spirits and slowly sinking into a state that most devoted Browns know as - the regular season.  Thankfully Bob Evans stopped by to attempt to calm me down and talk me off the proverbial fan ledge. It didn't work, I still think the franchise is a disaster and at won't see .500 until next decade but maybe if you need a pick me up Bob's rationality can help you get through to at least the bye week. 

The show isn't all negative though, we spend a good deal of time discussing the Cavs and their revamped lineup and why this team might just be better than it was last year and Bob breaks down why he thinks the Indians get the job done this year and win the World Series. 

Grab a piece of pie and enjoy CLE Hot Take Central: Everybody Panic

Yeah, I forgot I already used this title. I plagiarized myself. Creative fail. 

Episode 17: Mighty Fine Sons Of Bitches

After a 3 month break TJ and I decided to record again. Yeah, life happened. 

So lets set the table: In Charlottesville a group of neo nazi white nationalists protested the removal of statues to confederate leaders who rebelled against the country and resulted in a war that killed 620,000 American's.  They ran over a woman and killed her. President Trump said there were some mighty fine people at that hate rally. 

NFL players are taking a knee to protest what they believe to be disproportionate use of deadly force by police against African American men. Mr. Trump said the sons of bitches should stop kneeling or be fired. 

Today we spend most of this episode talking about this issue, we also discuss the Browns for a bit. 

CLE Hot Take Central: OH Oh NO!

Urban Meyer has to do some soul searching and self examination. Ohio State's offense has been broken for two seasons now and ultimately there are two people to blame - JT Barrett and Urban Meyer. JT gets blame for missing open receivers and simply failing to execute the playbook. Meyer is to blame for not recognizing JT's limitations and changing his playbook to suit the personnel he has.

Ohio State has the talent to win a national title every year and to have the same offensive plague this team for 2 seasons is inexcusable.

Episode 16: Benedict Irving

A lot can change in a week. Last week we discussed the possibility of LeBron James leaving the Cavs and I was certain that even if he did, the Cavs had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love through 2020. Well, 11 days later and it is Kyrie who is out the door. What does this mean for the Cavs? Can they get equal value in a trade? Do they have to trade Irving? Does this improve LeBron's chances of staying in Cleveland actually? Was Kyrie responsible for the chemistry issues. Bob Evans joins me in studio as we discuss all things Cavs. 

We finish the show by discussing the latest CTE study showing that all but one donated brain from former NFL players showed signs of CTE. What does this mean for the NFL? Can better helmets actually solve the CTE issue? 



Episode 15: Nope, We're Not Dead

So after an almost three month break, TJ and I felt it was time to record again. Today's podcast is heavy on the Cleveland Cavs, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. We also spend some time explaining why Floyd Mayweather is going to destroy Conor McGregor. Towards the end of the show TJ goes crazy with R Kelly insults and we discuss Trump Jr's emails. 

Here's to hoping we have our scheduling issues worked out and this is the start of weekly podcasts again. For those downloading and listening still, thanks for sticking with us while we get the schedule hammered out. 

CLE Hot Take Central: Everybody Panic!

Well according to NBA writers and talking heads there is an NBA arms race going on and LeBron is leaving Cleveland. Right, and Anna Kournikova is naked waiting for me in my bed. Neither is true. Despite all the free agent signings the Cavs are still the best team by far in the east and the Warriors are going to destroy the west. Nothing has changed. As far as LeBron watch 2018 - wake me when there is any evidence at all that he is thinking of opting out and testing the open free agent market. Until then, its all clickbait. 

The NBA and those who cover it don't want you to realize that everything leading up to the finals is 100% irrelevant right now in the NBA. There is no reason to watch the regular season or the playoffs until the finals, because in the end it will be Cavs Warriors again, for the fourth straight year. 

Also aware that Love and Kyrie are signed through 2020, mistakenly said 2019

CLE Hot Take Central: He's Not MJ

LeBron James had an ungodly amazing game three against the Pacers. Instead of appreciating it the comparisons to Jordan are out in force again.  Can we just stop comparing the man to Jordan. No one is Jordan, no one will ever be Jordan. LeBron is the greatest player of a generation, can we not just enjoy his greatness while he is still playing basketball at a high level? 

Got to work on my impressions, Carl in Cleveland ended up as Beavis by the time his call was done. 

Episode 14: The Gang's All Here

For the first time since around September we were able to whole crew back together to podcast. Episode 14 sees Bob Evans and Jason Snider joining Scott and T.J. in a throwback to the old NoStaticRadio days.  We set out to do a podcast focused on the NFL Draft, what happened was and hour and 50 minutes of conversation about Aaron Hernandez, Steve Stephens, The Cavs and finally, the NFL draft. Crack open a drink and sit back an enjoy episode 14, lots of good draft analysis in here as well as discussions about the Cavs and the state of mental health care in the United States 

Make sure to check out Bob's website ClevelandSportsZone.com and go subscribe to his podcast The Cleveland Sports Zone.  

CLE Hot Take Central: Episode 2 - He's a Bust

Edwin Encarnacion is off to a slow start and some Indians fans are panicking.  This edition of CLE Hot Take Central attempts to use logic and statistics to assuage the fear that joe average baseball has that EE is going to be a massive bust. My guess is no amount of logic or statistics will accomplish this and people will flame twitter anyway, but here is my effort to calm down over reacting fans. 

CLE Hot Take Central - Episode 1: No Rest For The Wicked

Time for a new segment on Sports, Society and Spirits. Hot Take Central will address the hot take of the week in Cleveland sports and hopefully, with some comedic value, illustrate why said take is flaming garbage. 

For the inaugural episode I have selected a take I myself was guilty of flaming, anger over stars in basketball sitting out regular season games. I also freely admit my personal twitter account sometimes is so riddled with hot takes that it resembles the Cuyahoga River in the late 70's.  

Episode 13: The Cleveland Sports, Society and Spirits Zone

Consider this week a warmup for next week when we get the entire band back together, but in episode 13 I am joined by Bob Evans from the Cleveland Sports Zone podcast and ClevelandSportsZone.Com.  This week we spend an hour talking about the Browns and everyone in Cleveland's favorite topic - the NFL draft.  

Bob really wanted to stay focused on defensive needs, I kept derailing that focus, it is what I do. 

Episode 12: Yes, We Are Still Here

So it has been a little while since Scott and T.J. have recorded an episode, we are sorry, it was unavoidable.  However, we are back and in episode 12 we are discussing the Raiders moving to Vegas, Wrestlemania, the Cleveland Browns quarterback issues, Paige's homemade videos and the Cavs recent collapse.  No society this week as we wrong on sports, but I am sure 45 and crew will give us something to discuss next week. 

Episode 11: Shut Up and Die

It is that time of year again, NBA All-Star Weekend, and this year we were treated to one of the worst ever.  No one played defense, the dunk contest was horrible, and overall the NBA All-Star Weekend was not worth watching, again. T.J. and Scott discuss ways to improve the NBA All-Star game, such as horse, or a two vs. two or one on one tournament. We also discuss Kyrie Irving saying the Earth is flat, T.J. rips Draymond Green and we discuss the impact of #FakeNews and dismissing facts because they don't support a certain point of view.