Episode 34: Living In Denial

It has been almost seven months since Hilary Clinton shockingly lost the Presidency to a cartoon character running a campaign based on fear, hatred and intolerance. It has been almost seven months since the left was gut punched with a rebuke from the great majority of America they stopped caring about years - essentially all of not within 50 miles of an Ocean. It has been seven months since America voted Donald The First into office. The left, and HRC, still can't understand how this happened. Let me simplify it for you:

1. Your platform does nothing for anyone not living in a major city or within 50 miles of the Ocean

2. People disliked evil, despicable, immoral, dishonorable Washington insider Hilary Clinton more than they did Donald Trump. 

These facts are evident. The left needs to offer something to the people that live in the Red States that make up the majority of the occupied land in this nation. However instead of acknowledging where the platform and candidate failed they are blaming the loss on sexism and racism. Good idea, never complete a self examination, the results are usually hard to deal with. 

Episode 33: Swipe This

Minimum purchase amounts.  I hate them.  They piss me off.  So much so that any business that has a minimum purchase amount in order to use a credit card, or a fee for paying by credit, is instantly a company that I will never purchase anything from again. 

Why you ask? Why don't I just carry cash? Why do I hate small business so much that I would refuse to purchase things from them? Quick Rant 33 explains my dickish opinion on this one, and my anger is directed at more than the just the business owner who charges these fees, I also have some vitriol for congress and the big national banks. 


Episode 32: Science Smience

Science is losing a war in this country.  It seems unthinkable but what was once revered in this nation is now dismissed as mere opinion. With the current focus on making America great again many seem to have completely what actually made this nation great - scientific advancement. 

America and American businesses have long been the worlds technological leaders and innovators, dragging the world forward one invention at a time. Lately though there are troubling signs that America is starting to use the power and wealth at its disposal to prevent the world from moving forward technologically, whether that is with limiting investment in NASA or not being a leader in the development of clean and renewable energy in favor of coal and oil. 

Embracing science, mastering it, investing in it and following where it led us made this country great. A scary trend is developing where people feel science is either lying to them or just simply invalid or not right. Science is complicated. If it was easy everyone would be a scientist. It takes years of research and work to become and expert in a field of science, and that is why to most of us scientific findings are only understandable on a basic level. That doesn't mean we should dismiss as no more valuable than our own opinion. We have to go back to trusting science and following where it leads. 

Episode 31: Resistance Is Futile

In last week's Hail Hydra rant I made the comment that next people would be banning Resistance is Futile shirts because the Borg assimilate entire worlds. Well, little did I know that a man in Canada would be forced to give up his novelty license plate because the term assimilate had offended a couple people. Literally a couple; two people complained. 

While I agree completely that the treatment of native cultures in North America has been horrible and that indigenous Americans and Canadians are under intense pressure to assimilate into the prevailing majority culture, when placed in the context of Star Trek, the license plate assimilate is not offensive to anyone. If anything the story of the Borg in Star Trek honors those who fight against all odds to preserve their culture. However, context aside, both Canada and America respect free speech, and that means that everyone has the right to express themselves and their views, not just people who have popular views. 

Episode 30: Full Caligula

President Trump apparently loves Andrew Jackson. He also seems to think that Jackson was alive for the Civil War and that it angered him. 45 further believes that Jackson could have prevented the Civil War. Well probably, as the South was not likely to secede from the Union had a southerner who owned 150 slaves been elected President instead of Lincoln. 

Regardless of whether or not Jackson could have averted the war this week the nation was given another frightening example of Trump's complete ignorance of history and his complete inability to understand basic concepts, such as why the Civil freaking War was fought. No one wonders this Donald - they either say slavery or states rights. Some are wrong or are lying, but no one, literally no one, aside from you, wonders why "that one couldn't be worked out". 

God help us. 

Episode 29: Hail Hydra

#BoycottMarvel is a thing on twitter.  Why? Well Captain America is a Hydra agent now and you see, Hydra is essentially the descendants of the Nazis in the Marvel universe. The angry activists are demanding Marvel fire the writer of the Secret Empire story, Nick Spencer, because he has made Captain America a Hydra agent, which must mean Spencer is a Nazi.  No, no one has read the full story arc, so no one actually knows what the conclusion will be or what Spencer's entire vision is, we just have rumors and episode zero of the Secret Empire comic book, but certainly we can try and convict him based on a single episode and a fragment of what the finished product will be. Who needs context? 

Episode 27: Love and Marriage

Married With Children turns 30 this year.  The show was always a magnet for controversy and even now 30 years later that remains the case.  Recently Katey Sagal was quoted as saying the show was sexist. No way, not Married With Children, not Al Bundy, he was a always a class act.  

Yeah, MWC was tactless and devoid of class. Al was pond scum and honestly so was Peg.  They were supposed to be. The show was never meant to taken seriously. It was supposed to show the worst possible husband/father, wife/mother and children that you could ever encounter.  The Bundy's were supposed to be the worst and most dysfunction family in America. If you actually felt this show was a social commentary on how things should be in America that is on you for being a dumbass.  Married with Children was supposed to show a life so terrible that no matter what was going on in your own you could say at least I am not a Bundy. 

Episode 26: The Unfriendly Skies

A Sunday night flight filled to capacity. A flight crew that has to be in Louisville Monday morning to avoid grounding a flight. A doctor who had patients to see Monday morning. Put these three things together and a human tragedy occurred.  David Dao just wanted to get home. Fate dealt him a disaster and he was bumped from his return flight. Rather than get up and get off the plane he refused and was brutally and horrifically forcibly ejected from a United flight. The backlash against United has been widespread, but United is not the only party in the wrong here. The Chicago Aviation Police are the ones who assaulted an old man and Dao himself chose to disobey a lawful, if unpopular and terrible, decision by United and orders issued by the Chicago Aviation Policy. Episode 26 deals with this event and attempts to show why everyone involved is wrong and all parties could have handled the situation much better. 

Episode 25: False Flag Operation

PizzaGate is the insane conspiracy that Hillary Clinton or her campaign were running horrific operation out of a local Pizza and Ping Pong restaurant. Alex Jones has issued an extremely rare retraction for his role in spreading this nonsense, although he tries to claim he was not a primary driver of this story.  Maybe no story currently exhibits the danger of the fake news more than PizzaGate. Something that existed only in the deranged mind of a crazy alt right adherent has become a national story that resulted in a 28 year old man marching into Comet Ping Pong with an assault rifle to free the imaginary enslaved children. 

Episode 24: F^*# Penn State

So Penn State has not learned to just shut up and continue to apologize each time Sandusky crimes are brought up. Sometimes you just have to accept that your university chose an evil and immoral path and that nothing will redeem if for that choice. Not Albert Lord though. Trustee Lord is running out of sympathy for the victims. He also feels that the University and trustees such as himself are forced to accept the politically correct view point. 

Lord's comments and views are exactly why the Penn State football program should have been eliminated in 2012.  There are still people there who feel that real tragedy here is that the school's reputation was damaged and Sandusky was the only one who did wrong. 

Episode 23: Stop Pre-Ordering Games

Seriously, stop doing this. This is why we get broken, incomplete half-assed efforts from game producers.  We can't guarantee our money to the game makers fast enough, even if they have a track record of mailing in the development of games and trying to fix all the issues with post release patches. We also pay for season passes before knowing what the season pass will get us and we wonder why the DLC is garbage and the game is always messed up on day 1. It is simple, stop buying the game before it is released and video game makers will have to release a game that is day 1 ready in the box. 

Sit back and enjoy episode 23 and don't forget to contact us know to pre-order your Raving Lunatic Media Mystery Box***, I don't know what will be in it but if you send me money today in a few months we will mail you a box.  Great idea right?

***Offer for a Raving Lunatic Media Mystery Box is not valid or real, do not send money, you will not receive a box***

Episode 22: Your Cat Is Not A Child

Stop telling people your cat or dog is your child.  It is not today, tomorrow or ever a child and all you are doing is making yourself look pathetic while insulting your friends and their children.  Pets are wonderful. Animals should be loved and treated humanely. The relationship between owner and pet is special and meaningful. It however, is still, not a Fu$%ing child so stop calling it one. 

Figured maybe it was time for a non-political rant again, so here you are. 

Episode 21: Who Watches The Watchers

Wikileaks has essentially informed the entire world not only the CIA is spying on everything, through almost every device imaginable, but exactly how they are doing it; and no one seems to care. This rant deals with two questions: Should we care and are wikileaks, and any US citizens who leaked the data, anti secrecy warriors or traitors? 

This are not straight forward or simple questions. Certainly in some cases Wikileaks does function as an anti-secrecy warrior and provides needed information.  In this case however, Wikileaks has made the world less safe.  Is it scary the CIA has this ability? Certainly.  Is there a potential for misuse? Absolutely.  However the CIA, in order to do its job, needs to have the ability to function the way the vault 7 leak indicates they can. The vault 7 leak gave valuable information anyone looking to avoid CIA surveillance, and that just made the whole world a less safe place. 

Episode 20: Isn't it Ironic?

So its been a week, and 45 has produced zero evidence to support his claim that former President Obama had his wires tapped. Does this now qualify as "fake news"? I think it does. I think it's pretty amazing that the man leading the fake news crusade against the main stream media is himself as guilty or more guilty of spreading fake news than the so called "enemy of the American people".  This rant address 45, his tendency to state as facts things that exist only in his own mind and how this reeks dangerously of McCarthyism. So yep, after one rant slamming the left, I am back to my favorite topic, 45. Enjoy. 



Episode 19: Join Us or Die

After heavily bashing the conservative right wing recently I felt it was time to start evening things out and criticize the left. This rant deals with leftist thought policing. The progressive left in this country has a disturbing habit of attempting so silence and destroy anyone who does not agree with them. In a country that champions free speech it should be obvious why we should not be attempting to take away that right from an ideological enemy, however the dangers seem lost on the left. 

Free speech is essential to a democracy. Unfortunately that means that agents of hate and ignorant fools are allowed to pontificate and influence the masses. That is the cost of living in a democracy.  

***Production note - this rant was a production experiment using a new microphone and a new recording software. There are couple short areas of bad distortion I am less than pleased about, but I am already four days late getting this one out so, bear with me, the next one should sound amazing and I will make podcasting great again!***

Episode 18: A Choice of None

Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, used Historically Black Colleges and Universities to sell her failing idea that school choice is the way to solve the public school problems in America. Ms. DeVos is a champion of school vouchers, which allow parents to send their kids to private schools, problem is recent studies have shown actually fair worse than public schools for children transferred into them. 

Aside form the fact that the nations head educator is championing a failing idea, and has no experience as an educator on any level, her statement indicating historically black colleges and universities offered choice to African American students is absurd and demonstrates a critical misunderstanding of America pre 1960 and the social journey the country has been on since 1861. HBCU's were not a choice, they were basically the only option. So unless the choice was college vs no college, this statement is just critically flawed. 

This episode discusses the education system in America, why voucher systems don't work, and why they are not the answer to fixing the system. 

Episode 17: Cooking Up Fake News

FAKE NEWS!  It has become the battle cry of the President and many who wish to bash the mainstream media.  The problem is that when you call legitimate media fake news the result is the  acceleration of the flight to real fake news outlets that are simply making up stories for page views. 

The truth is that NPR, The BBC, CNN, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are reputable and reliable news sources. More people need to get their news from these sources, instead of Info Wars and Occupy Democrats. 

The most dangerous part of the fake news movement is when the President calls the media the enemy of the people. The only people who ever claim media is the enemy of the public are tyrants. The media has a social responsibility to keep government honest and above board 

Episode 16: Facts Are Not Opinions

Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. Some people are saying we are supposed to be ok with that statement because it is his opinion.  I say America and the world have a problem defining opinion. A fact is proven, it simply is and is not subject to debate. You can't dismiss things that are truly factual because the truth is not what you wish it to be. Somewhere along the way as a society we became so obsessed with being right, or everyones view being valid, that we starting allowing facts to become opinions, rather than what they are - reality. Kyrie Irving is not sharing an opinion, he is spreading ignorance and it is dangerous because children look up to him and are influenced by this nonsense. 

Episode 15: Trump is Zaphod

Donald Trump is compared to a lot of real life people, but it maybe that fictional Zaphod Beeblebrox from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is the most accurate comparison.  Zapped is famous for being famous, massively popular, freewheeling, inexperienced and egomaniacal, sound like anyone?  To my GOP friends, remember, I have always, except this year, voted Republican.  This is humor, but feel free to call me a liberal, RINO, or just an idiot.