Episode 63: Blessed Be Thy Gun

Gun owners, this is not a rant about guns being bad or repealing the second. It is not even about new gun laws. This is a rant about gun owners and Christians in Pennsylvania joining a cult because the cult leader was willing to bless their guns as "rods of iron" and how insane this is.  Apparently a major tenet of Christianity that I have always missed was killing your enemies and striking back with superior force. 

The media is also at fault here. Many media outlets refused to report that the "church" in question is a cult and the "Christians" in question were cultists. Why? Because cultists blessing guns does not serve the media agenda that all gun owners are crazy and Christians are all crazy right wing psychopaths hating everything that is different or does not follow their dogmatic view of the world. 

So what is this a rant about? I am not sure. It is a rant about something, media failures, people failures? I don't really know. I just hope it is entertaining. 

Next up - Pharma Bro says he has learned his lesson. Bullshit.