Episode 65: Hookergate

So, sorry to disappoint but there is nothing in this rant about someone famous being caught with a hooker. Nor is there really a Hookergate scandal going on. There is however a Massachusetts State Representative, Michelle Dubois, who is irate that the State House honors Civil War General and hero Fighting Joe Hooker with a sign over the main entrance that says "General Hooker Entrance".  It was for years called "The Hooker Entrance" because there is statue of Hooker on his horse nearby. Due to reasons you might suspect some years back they replaced the original sign that said "Hooker Entrance" with "General Hooker Entrance". 

Dubois wants the sign taken down. She asked Facebook if they were "General Hookers" which apparently is a slang insult term I have never heard. She says the entrance insults women and is tone deaf and a ploy of the patriarchy. 

Garbage. We have to start considering context again as a country. There is no intent to debase women or insult them here. The war hero's last name was Hooker. He did more for his country than almost any of us will ever do. He is vilified for losing a battle when before and after that he was an excellent soldier was wounded in action. I won't sit here and say we should take down something honoring a war hero because someone with an agenda went looking for something offensive. The "General Hooker Entrance" can only be offensive if you ignore all context and are historically ignorant. 

The other problem with this nonsense is that the next time there is something that is truly tone death that needs renamed or taken down people will push back and refuse to accede because they are afraid if they do it will lead to nonsense like this. Pick your battles people, this one is a bad one.