Episode 64: No Mercy For The Wicked

Sometimes Quick Rants! gives you thoughtful Scott. Sometimes it's just my attempt to be comedic, like Don't Be These People or The Legend of Willy O'Dallum.  Sometimes, it is angry Scott. This week is an angry Scott rant, maybe as angry as I have been in a while. Pharma Bro, Martin Shkreli, has been sentenced to seven years in jail. 

I am not angry that he got only seven years, although I do think it was too light a sentence. I am not angry that he was convicted for securities fraud instead of trying to murder people by jacking up the price of needed medication for profit. What really has me enraged is that he had the nerve to ask the court for mercy and claim he is a good person who has a lot to offer society. Pharma Bro is the scummiest of the scum.