Episode 62: One Giant Leap For The Patriarchy

Apparently the race to Mars is really just about men wanting to control and dominate women. I know, I thought it was about resources and exploration and adventure to. Nope. According to Marcie Bianco, its all about sexism. 

Marcie is insane. 

Yes, gender inequality is a thing. Some men still see women as objects to control and dominate. The work is not nearly done on that front. Going to Mars however, is not a stand in for sexism. It is also not the same as Columbus and Spain killing indigenous American's by the millions for gold and land, because there is no one alive on Mars. 

Expansion into the solar is 100% essential for the long term survival of humanity. It is a question of when, not if, we do it. The real question is can we learn from the errors of our past expansions and from the way we over used the resources of this planet when we expand. Essentially can the collection we of humanity learn from our collective mistakes. I think yes. 

Marcie's article can be found here.