Episode 67: Rudolph The Exploited Reindeer

Holy Shit, I stopped doing these in April. It has been that long since something got me angry enough to rant. Well, it happened, finally. The left is upset over Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. It’s not a joke. It is true. The far left sees this as a tale of bullying, exploitation and sexism. And this is why the far left loses. This is why Trump won the election and may win again. The left doesn’t get it, or at least the far left doesn’t and the moderate lefties don’t understand why they have to denounce these guys but they do. You lose moderate liberals and conservatives when you seriously try to convince people that Rudolph is a tale of oppression. Rudolph was progressive for its day. It told a story that said your differences are valuable and no one should be shunned because they are different. It taught kids that ostracizing hurts and that people different from them have their own intrinsic value. Sure, viewed through today’s ethical lens the special fails to send an ideal message, but the thing is, you can’t go viewing popular works of fiction, history, religion or philosophy through the lens of today, because ethics changes.

I think this marks a return to ranting. You may see the channel change names to I Have Issues because I think I am finally ready to launch a youtube channel and honestly, Quick Rants! was a working title and a semi horrible one at that. I say I think because I could get busy and say F it, I don’t have 3 hours a week to write, edit and record these things. But I think this starts the return to ranting.