Episode 39: Nothing To See Here

So I can't ignore 45 any longer. I took a short break from discussing the successful real estate investor turned failing President. With his recent posting of a video of himself attacking a person portrayed as a CNN reporter, and admitting he has no agenda set for his meeting with Putin, I felt a Quick Rant on 45 was mandatory. 

45 despises the media. His favorite topic is how the fake news is out to get him. Either he is deranged and ill equipped mentally to handle the spotlight of being President or it is the greatest misdirection act in history. MemeGate has successfully focused American attention on Trump's twitter account and the fake news instead of on N. Korea's belligerence and the United States inability to resolve the issue and bring N. Korea to heel, and that is what the administration wants. Trump's crazy public antics keep the country focusing on his personality and overlooking the fact that he has accomplished nothing in 180 days, in fact, less than nothing. No one is paying attention to the a situation where the United States will be forced to get help from China and Russia, on their terms, to reign in a rogue nation that isn't following instructions. 

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. America the Great and Powerful is as strong as ever and the world trembles before our might. No go focus on Islamic Terrorists that haven't pulled off an organized attack on US soil in 16 years and fail to notice we can't dictate foreign policy to the world or even N. Korea and that all of our senators and representatives, even the President, are bought and paid for by our true rulers - big corporations. 

Happy day after 4th of July.