Episode 35: Frankenstein's Monster

Kathy Griffin thought it was funny to take some photos holding a bloody head that clearly looks like Donald Trump's.  She can't understand why American's are angry at her and seems to think it is because she is woman.  Kathy is angry and playing the martyr stating that Trump is trying to end her career over a joke.  Sucks when it happens to you huh? 

For years liberals used the tactic of targeting sponsors and massive public outrage to attack right wingers with opinions they felt to be abhorrent or incorrect. Recently this has started to boomerang back on the lefties and now they don't like it. 

Maybe this is what we need. The Salem Witch Trials didn't end until the inquisitions started taking down leading members of society and looked like it was about to bring everyone down.  Maybe now, when even the sacred keepers of correct societal thought, the lefties, aren't safe from repercussions.  It is pretty clear Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin are not racist or intolerant white nationalists, but none of that is going to save them, they expressed bad thoughts and society is going to take them down. 

Free speech is essential to a nation. We as a society have been eroding that right for years by trying to codify what is and is not acceptable thought and we are nearly on the verge of it getting completely out of control.