Episode 38: Taking Responsibility

Michelle Carter has been convicted for involuntary manslaughter in the suicide of Conrad Roy. You did read that correctly, it has been determined that Carter, by sending text messages and most damningly telling Roy to get back in the truck after he got out if, is guilty of killing Conrad Roy. 

This is simply untrue. Carter is guilty of being a terrible human being, but she did not kill Conrad Roy. Roy had a choice to make and he chose to end his life. It is always tragic. It is senseless. It is terrifying and devastating that a person can become so hurt at 18 that they end their life. It was however, Roy's choice to take Carter's advice. No one forced Roy back in the truck, no one forced him to rig the generator, no one but Conrad Roy chose to commit suicide. 

Michelle Carter should have helped Roy find a reason to live. She should have informed authorities and she should have informed Roy's parents. By convicting her though the judge has abrogated Roy's responsibility for his action and placed it squarely on Carter and that is symptomatic of our current society. Our actions, our failures, our lot in life is always someone else fault, never our own. Nothing is further than the truth. Whatever your spot in life you are solely responsible for it. You made your choices, whether by acting on your own or reacting to others actions that impacted you and only you are responsible for the results of your life.