Episode 37: JELL-NO

Bill Cosby has been set free by a hung jury - temporarily. He may never be convicted on any of the more than 50 allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him. This is due largely to the time that has passed between the alleged crimes and the investigation as well as due to a lack of physical evidence to support the accusations.

One thing is certain however, regardless of what Cosby's publicist states, he has not been vindicated, nor is his "power restored". Bill Cosby, America's dad, was a lie. He lived a lie for decades, coming across as a respectable, wise, caring man who was morally upstanding, when he appears to have been a monster. Many have stated that Cosby must be innocent, that these women are looking for a payday. I might believe this if it was one woman, but when 50, by some counts 100, have come forward across five decades to accuse America's Dad of assault, at least one is probably not lying, and one is all it takes. 

American's don't want to accept a man they trusted and believed in could be this much of a monster, so they don't, they rationalize away the allegations and blame the victims, because it is easier and because as much as Cosby appears to be a monster, he was also a leader, a loved figure, role model and noted philanthropist who almost always said and did the right thing, in public. The truth is unpalatable to many Americans, so they choose not to believe it.