Episode 31: Resistance Is Futile

In last week's Hail Hydra rant I made the comment that next people would be banning Resistance is Futile shirts because the Borg assimilate entire worlds. Well, little did I know that a man in Canada would be forced to give up his novelty license plate because the term assimilate had offended a couple people. Literally a couple; two people complained. 

While I agree completely that the treatment of native cultures in North America has been horrible and that indigenous Americans and Canadians are under intense pressure to assimilate into the prevailing majority culture, when placed in the context of Star Trek, the license plate assimilate is not offensive to anyone. If anything the story of the Borg in Star Trek honors those who fight against all odds to preserve their culture. However, context aside, both Canada and America respect free speech, and that means that everyone has the right to express themselves and their views, not just people who have popular views.