Episode 34: Living In Denial

It has been almost seven months since Hilary Clinton shockingly lost the Presidency to a cartoon character running a campaign based on fear, hatred and intolerance. It has been almost seven months since the left was gut punched with a rebuke from the great majority of America they stopped caring about years - essentially all of not within 50 miles of an Ocean. It has been seven months since America voted Donald The First into office. The left, and HRC, still can't understand how this happened. Let me simplify it for you:

1. Your platform does nothing for anyone not living in a major city or within 50 miles of the Ocean

2. People disliked evil, despicable, immoral, dishonorable Washington insider Hilary Clinton more than they did Donald Trump. 

These facts are evident. The left needs to offer something to the people that live in the Red States that make up the majority of the occupied land in this nation. However instead of acknowledging where the platform and candidate failed they are blaming the loss on sexism and racism. Good idea, never complete a self examination, the results are usually hard to deal with.