Episode 32: Science Smience

Science is losing a war in this country.  It seems unthinkable but what was once revered in this nation is now dismissed as mere opinion. With the current focus on making America great again many seem to have completely what actually made this nation great - scientific advancement. 

America and American businesses have long been the worlds technological leaders and innovators, dragging the world forward one invention at a time. Lately though there are troubling signs that America is starting to use the power and wealth at its disposal to prevent the world from moving forward technologically, whether that is with limiting investment in NASA or not being a leader in the development of clean and renewable energy in favor of coal and oil. 

Embracing science, mastering it, investing in it and following where it led us made this country great. A scary trend is developing where people feel science is either lying to them or just simply invalid or not right. Science is complicated. If it was easy everyone would be a scientist. It takes years of research and work to become and expert in a field of science, and that is why to most of us scientific findings are only understandable on a basic level. That doesn't mean we should dismiss as no more valuable than our own opinion. We have to go back to trusting science and following where it leads.