Episode 27: Love and Marriage

Married With Children turns 30 this year.  The show was always a magnet for controversy and even now 30 years later that remains the case.  Recently Katey Sagal was quoted as saying the show was sexist. No way, not Married With Children, not Al Bundy, he was a always a class act.  

Yeah, MWC was tactless and devoid of class. Al was pond scum and honestly so was Peg.  They were supposed to be. The show was never meant to taken seriously. It was supposed to show the worst possible husband/father, wife/mother and children that you could ever encounter.  The Bundy's were supposed to be the worst and most dysfunction family in America. If you actually felt this show was a social commentary on how things should be in America that is on you for being a dumbass.  Married with Children was supposed to show a life so terrible that no matter what was going on in your own you could say at least I am not a Bundy.