Episode 26: The Unfriendly Skies

A Sunday night flight filled to capacity. A flight crew that has to be in Louisville Monday morning to avoid grounding a flight. A doctor who had patients to see Monday morning. Put these three things together and a human tragedy occurred.  David Dao just wanted to get home. Fate dealt him a disaster and he was bumped from his return flight. Rather than get up and get off the plane he refused and was brutally and horrifically forcibly ejected from a United flight. The backlash against United has been widespread, but United is not the only party in the wrong here. The Chicago Aviation Police are the ones who assaulted an old man and Dao himself chose to disobey a lawful, if unpopular and terrible, decision by United and orders issued by the Chicago Aviation Policy. Episode 26 deals with this event and attempts to show why everyone involved is wrong and all parties could have handled the situation much better.