Episode 23: Stop Pre-Ordering Games

Seriously, stop doing this. This is why we get broken, incomplete half-assed efforts from game producers.  We can't guarantee our money to the game makers fast enough, even if they have a track record of mailing in the development of games and trying to fix all the issues with post release patches. We also pay for season passes before knowing what the season pass will get us and we wonder why the DLC is garbage and the game is always messed up on day 1. It is simple, stop buying the game before it is released and video game makers will have to release a game that is day 1 ready in the box. 

Sit back and enjoy episode 23 and don't forget to contact us know to pre-order your Raving Lunatic Media Mystery Box***, I don't know what will be in it but if you send me money today in a few months we will mail you a box.  Great idea right?

***Offer for a Raving Lunatic Media Mystery Box is not valid or real, do not send money, you will not receive a box***